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What is an Electronic Health Record?

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To address the specific question of what is electronic health record it is necessary to look at the entire alphabet of abbreviations related to digital medical records. An EHR is a patient record that is part of a enterprise system. This means that it is shared by more than one medical facility, such as a laboratory or hospital — or the local doctor’s office.

These records are recorded digitally on a secure computer system. In order to access and update records, medical professionals have to go through several authentication steps to prove their identity. EHR systems have to meet strict standards for protecting patient privacy rights. They must also meet certain compatibility requirements to ensure that records can be transmitted between different systems.

A good EHR system is going to have the ability to not just record patient data, as in traditional medical charting, but will be able to communicate with other systems. For example, an EHR should have a prescription component that allows it to directly transmit a prescription to a pharmacy. It should also be able to send orders to laboratories for testing as well as receive the test results electronically and integrate them into the patient record.

Whatever you choose to call them, electronic records are quickly replacing traditional paper files in hospitals and doctor offices all over the developed world.


Using CPAP Masks

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A diagnosis of sleep apnea usually results in a prescription for a CPAP machine. Sleep apnea is a disorder in which patients stop breathing as they sleep. This disruption wakes them up, even if they aren’t aware of it, and prevents them from ever reaching REM sleep . A lack of deep, restorative sleep can result in a variety of symptoms from irritability to fatigue. Severe sleep apnea can cause can lead to serious health problems as the immune system is worn down and the brain is deprived of oxygen for increasingly long lengths of time.

The first time someone sees a CPAP machine, the pile of tubing and the strange masks may be a bit scary. Operating the machine is actually quite simple. It will only take a few minutes for a doctor or nurse to demonstrate how to use the CPAP system, and they will do so before the patient leaves the office. The doctor will take care to choose the right mask to fit the patient’s face, as this is vital to the machine operating successfully.

CPAP machines enable patients to breathe continually throughout the night, with the interruptions of their disorder. Because there are so many different CPAP masks available, patients need to make sure they get the one ordered by their doctor. They must also make sure that their CPAP mask is properly affixed and stays secure throughout the night. There are specially designed pillows and headgear such as chin straps that can help a patient sleep more comfortably.


Freedom in a Wheelchair

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It’s one of the great challenges in a life to have to learn how to work with a situation that’s not perfect. It can be especially difficult when circumstances make it more of a challenge than others seem to have, and it’s hard to not take things personally. At first, anyway. Most people who get around in a wheelchair have had to go through a stage of taking things personally, because it’s just part of the ride.

After that, however, things start to shift in radical directions, and for everyone, there is an after. Nancy Mairs, in writing about her own struggles with chronic illness in books like Remembering the Bone House , is one of the more articulate writers in tracking the inner journey that happens to everyone who finds themselves dealing with more than they’d counted on from the world.

Those who come through the struggles with a sense of wholeness do seem to have an edge over everyone else. Particularly over those who have never had to face any kind of adversity. In most of the world’s spiritual traditions, there are nuggets of wisdom to be found about the nature of suffering. They all seem to agree that at some point there is a chance to start seeing the world from a different point of view. The ability to shift perspective is the most freeing thing a human being can do, because it amounts to the ability to be free at the core, and that’s something that can’t always be learned by walking.


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